The Views Of Tyres Are Simple

When we look at tyres, there’s very little that can go wrong with them. They’re designed to provide contact before your vehicle and the road, while at the same time maximising grip without causing excessive extra fuel consumption. Those two are clearly conflicting objectives, so needs to strike a balance.

In terms of failure, tyres will either wear down to the point that they are no longer legal and require replacement or suffer a failure which could well be catastrophic while the vehicle is in motion and result in the tyre disintegrating.

These days, the chances of tyres exploding are low – typically that will only happen if they hit an object at speed – even potholes generally won’t cause this outcome, at least not extreme damage to the tyre itself.

The in between element is what we’re concerned with here at the Oddi Tyre Views, our review of dealing with gradually decreasing pressure – commonly referred to as a slow puncture. That might be caused by a faulty valve or a low level of damage to the wheel or tyre. Typically we can temporarily resolve this by adding air to the tyre – or to put things simply, pumping it up!